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Happy Hump Day!

Is a bar a good enough reason to want to move across the country?


Lesbian Vampire Queen!

I watch True Blood. Deal with it.

This past Sunday night they introduced their most recent character, a Lesbian Vampire Queen played by Evan Rachel Wood! woohoo!

She plays Sophie-Ann, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and her first lines are spoken from between the legs of a woman. HBO is great.

Sophie-Ann is over 1,100 years old and will be helping Bill and Sookie to fix the problems Maryann is causing for their hometown. Cannibalism and wild orgies have taken over the people of Bon Temps and this just has to stop.

True Blood is a sexy show that just got sexier. It’s like a better version of Twilight that has all of the sex that Twilight doesn’t, and then some.

Side note: Did you like Twilight? At the end of those painful 2 hours I wanted my time back…

Anyhoo! Watch True Blood, especially the most recent one because there is girl on girl action now.

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Have Angry Sex!


There is a movie coming out called Black Swan written by Mark Heymen (The Wrestler) and starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.




That would be enough to get me excited about seeing it, but check this out. Accoring to ScriptShadow:

…in this movie, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have sex.

Yeah. You read that right. And not just nice sweet innocent sex either. We’re talking ecstasy-induced hungry aggressive angry sex.

Hell yeah!

The plot seems less important now, right? But in case you were interested, 

The psychological drama is about a New York ballet dancer who finds herself in a rivalry with another ballerina. The plot twist in the movie has Portman’s character unsure if her enemy is part of her imagination. And then she boinks the other ballerina, or is she having sex with herself?! Guess I’ll have to watch and find out!

More of this please!

More of this please!


Megan Fox, Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Oh my. What is the world to do with a GEM like Megan Fox…?

there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart
“there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart”

I mean, she is clearly attractive. In fact, she is just plain hot. AND she is openly bisexual, we hope not just for the sake of being hotter. Or do we care?

That’s kind of how I feel about all the controversy surrounding her outspoken, uncensored interviews of late. She keeps saying things that kind of make her sound like a complete idiot. If I actually took her too seriously, AND also took myself too seriously, I might even be a little bit offended by her commentary on lesbianism and bisexuality. But quite frankly, I don’t even care.
For example, in a recent interview with Esquire magazine, she made the following comment about her sexuality and bisexuality in general.
“I think people are born bisexual and then make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society. I have no question in my mind about being bisexual.
so far so good…
But I’m also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.”
Now, a lot of people, specifically lesbian and bisexual people, found that terribly offensive and have written volumes about it. was up in arms bashing Megan Fox for being so hot and so dumb. I say to that, what’s the problem? I think Megan Fox is perfect just the way she is, intelligent insight or misguided pontification aside! Also, you Megan haters, if you’re such elitist lesbians, shouldn’t you think it’s funny and maybe even agree with her about men being dirty and not wanting to sleep with them?
But Megan didn’t stop there. First she went after the bisexuals, and then in the July issue of British GQ, she went after the bull dykes… That’s when the Lesbians really get sensitive.
“Really my only job is to look attractive,” 
Again, she might be onto something, if only she only said the first half of all of her thoughts out loud…
 “I was so angry about that, that I went in the opposite direction. I turned into a really butch bull dyke for, like, six months … Then I went in the other direction. From being a giant motorcycle-riding lesbian, I turned into a zombie. I lost, like, 30 pounds.”
So clearly the lesbos are upset again. But lesbianest (pronounced let’s be honest), what exactly did she say that was so terribly off base or offensive?
Looks a lot different than this:
Is one more attractive by the standards Megan Fox is judged by in Hollywood? Yes, and that’s just the way the world is turning these days. Does that make one better than another? NO! Does that mean that saying one is more attractive than another is somehow mean spirited or offensive? NO! It’s just the way our world has defined “attractive.”
I’m all about expanding the definition of beauty and I truly believe that beauty is subjective. Unfortunately we are trained by “the man” to believe certain physical make-ups are more desirable than others.  People who really don’t fit into that prescribed definition of beauty, i.e women who present with masculine physical characteristics and styles, get the shaft. It’s true! Women who don’t want to look like Megan Fox get screwed when it comes down to measuring beauty against the standards Hollywood has given us. But I don’t think that is any reason to bash on Megan Fox for calling it like it is. Nor do I think there is any REAL reason to judge beauty based on Hollywood’s standards.
She looks like the picture of what Hollywood wants us to find attractive, and she even said it herself! She admits that her only job is to look hot! AND she explained that she needed to rebel from it, so she ran away to a physical appearance that does anything BUT fit into that picture of attractiveness. She never said there was anything wrong with looking like a Dyke on a Bike. In fact, she did it as an act of rebellion and to feel free from the constraints of her everyday existence, which is made to fit a certain type of Hollywood beauty.

Homos, in reacting negatively to Megan’s comments, YOU are implying that to look like a bull dyke is an insult or that there is something wrong with it. Megan isn’t offending you, she isn’t implying you are ugly. She found your appearance liberating!

So in conclusion, stop picking on Megan Fox. She is hot, possibly bisexual, and finds dressing like a butch bull dyke liberating when the stresses of Hollywood superficiality become too much to handle. Ladies, love yourselves just the way you are, and stop comparing yourselves and the people around you to the standards of beauty that Hollywood has instructed us to use. We are all beautiful!
Don’t hate me because I am too! Hot 100 in 2009!

I think ladies have great taste in ladies.’s hot 100 in 2009 list came out yesterday.

Here are the top 10.

1. Portia de Rossi


2. Jennifer Beals

3.  Lena Headley

4. Leisha Hailey

5. Sarah Shahi (my personal #1)

6. Rachel Maddow

7. Tina Fey

8. Sarah Ramirez

9. Angelina Jolie

10. Gro Hammerseng


An interesting comparison is the Maxim Hot 100. They haven’t come out with their 2009 list yet, but the top 10 in 2008 were:

1. Marissa Miller

2. Scarlett Johansson

3. Jessica Biel

4. Eva Longoria Parker

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar

6. Elisha Cuthbert

7. Eva Mendes

8. Christina Aguilera

9. Lindsay Lohan

10. Ashley Tisdale