Lesbian Vampire Queen!

I watch True Blood. Deal with it.

This past Sunday night they introduced their most recent character, a Lesbian Vampire Queen played by Evan Rachel Wood! woohoo!

She plays Sophie-Ann, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and her first lines are spoken from between the legs of a woman. HBO is great.

Sophie-Ann is over 1,100 years old and will be helping Bill and Sookie to fix the problems Maryann is causing for their hometown. Cannibalism and wild orgies have taken over the people of Bon Temps and this just has to stop.

True Blood is a sexy show that just got sexier. It’s like a better version of Twilight that has all of the sex that Twilight doesn’t, and then some.

Side note: Did you like Twilight? At the end of those painful 2 hours I wanted my time back…

Anyhoo! Watch True Blood, especially the most recent one because there is girl on girl action now.


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