Your Gay Primary Guide – Vote Tomorrow!

This is a post I just wrote for For GayRVA I kept my post to the facts and nothing more. But I have a few more points I’d like to make for all you Virginia Democrats who are voting tomorrow.

Politics is a game, and unfortunately not a game about much more than winning. In this primary race there are three candidates, which leads to no candidate actually getting a majority of the votes. In this scenario, the role of the 3rd candidate is hugely important.

For a the majority of this race Terry McAuliffe was the front runner. As such, negative attacks against him were a clear strategy by the other two candidates. Luckily for Creigh Deeds, Brian Moran took the torch on McAuliffe bashing. This was like free advertising for Deeds, who then could spend his $ on positive ads for himself. This double team of the front runner combined with Deeds’ endorsement by the Washington Post shifted the momentum away from McAuliffe and has propelled Deeds into a slight lead in the polls. Moran is now the designated McAuliffe basher in 3rd place and Deeds can still remain positive out in front.

I am personally for McAuliffe for a number of reasons. I think McAuliffe is the kind of business focused, job creating governor that Warner was. McAuliffe is also very focused on early-childhood education and clean energy. He is strong on social issues and as you can read from my GayRVA article, he is a lot stronger on gay rights than Deeds. Also, Bill Clinton endorsed him, and I LOVE Bill. He is a Democratic powerhouse with strong connections within the party and I’m sure has a lot of favors owed to him after all of his campaign work. I think he is a strong candidate to put up against McDonnell and in my opinion the only candidate who can raise the kind of money it is going to take to win the general election in November.

Here’s my Gay Primary Guide. Remember to vote tomorrow!!!

Your Gay Primary Guide – Vote Tomorrow! June 9th!

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