Hey! You’re Playing With My Delirium!

Artist of the day: Ladyhawke.

Singer/songwriter Pip Brown goes by Ladyhawke on stage and hails from New Zealand. Who doesn’t love a Kiwi?!

Ladies who rock always catch my attention, and Ladyhawke is no exception. Beyond writing music that has me inescapably dancing in my seat, Pip ranks pretty high on the awesome scale because she plays every instrument in her studio recordings and says things like,

I don’t lose any aspect of my femininity by wearing boys’ clothes

No you don’t!

Her debut single came out last year. ‘Paris is Burning’ is an uptempo electro-rock-pop track with a catchy hook and a fun video.

Peaches did a great remix, industrial, but I like it a lot. The video is awesome as well.

Ladyhawke has toured with the Ting Tings and played at SXSW already this year. She is touring all over Europe to sold out audiences and is set to play at some major festivals this summer including the Isle of Wight and V Festival in the UK.

I’m a big fan of her songs ‘My Delirium’

and ‘Back of the Van’

It just so happens, my dream girl, DJ Daisy O’Dell just released her remix of ‘Back of the Van’ which you can download free here. Totally worth it, and I don’t think I like it just because it’s Daisy… I think it’s actually good!

So in conclusion, Ladyhawke = awesome.


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