It’s Time For Me To Be A Big Girl

Lindsay Lohan, oh how I love thee.  At first I just thought you were super entertaining and easy on the eyes.

And I honestly loved your music debut.

THEN you had to go ahead and seal the deal.

You can’t say this girl doesn’t do what she wants despite the hell she’ll get for it in the media. That takes balls and some thick skin.

I know she’s a party girl, but really, I would be too if I lived her life. I mean come on, she gets VIP at whatever club she wants.

Lindsay was on Ellen last Thursday discussing the recent break up with Sam, the possibility of them getting back together, and what’s next for her professionally.

Really, that break up with Sam is nothing compared to some of the dramatic lesbian break-ups I’ve seen go down. That they’re still talking means it ranks about a 3 out of 10 on the lesbian drama scale.

And apparently it only took Lindsay telling the world that she “hoped” for another go with Sam on Ellen for the two to work things out over the weekend.

The on/off lovers spent Thursday evening together after Li-Lo made a late night visit to Sam’s pad and was seen sneaking out in the early hours.

Since then, both have changed their Facebook relationship status. Sam has gone from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’, while Li-Lo’s now reads ‘It’s Complicated’.

To Lindsay Lohan I say, Go Girl!


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