Sex On Fire Drag Show

If you know me, you know this, I LOVE DRAG QUEENS. Also, I’ve probably made you watch Tandi Iman Dupree do “I Need A Hero.”

This is really one of the best Drag performances I’ve seen for a few reasons.

1. THAT is a wig.

2. She falls out MULTIPLE times. (if you don’t know what ‘falling out’ is, see the video from 3:00-3:06)

3. She falls into the splits MULTIPLE times.

4. The fabulous factor is off the charts.

If you don’t have time for the whole thing, make sure you watch 0:25-0:30, 1:50-2:15, 3:00-3:06, 3:50-4:05, and 4:30 – the end. However, I think the entire performance is worth the 5 minutes of your life. Trust me.

SO, what has me bring this up today, is that I found a version of this video posted with the music changed to Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” and it works!



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