Public Sex Concerns

Have you noticed how my funny before bed post is also sex related… It’s pretty clear what I think about before bed!

THIS is funny.


In the beginning when the woman is talking about how the police say there are sex acts happening everywhere, all the time, I couldn’t help but think they were talking about my friends.

đŸ™‚ Tomorrow’s a big day! Meghan McCain hosts the View and Lindsay Lohan is on Ellen!


One response to “Public Sex Concerns

  1. So, I share this on your site, because if ever there would be a forum to make this specific public service announcement, this is it.

    This is not exactly related or in direct response to either ‘unforgiven sex act’ or ‘how much sex is enough’ but it definitely cock slaps a life lesson straight across the face. Or it did across my face.

    About 10 months ago (and many details will be omitted) I was going through a rough life patch, and immediately defaulted to the only resolution I have ever known…. and that was to get dressed like a whore and engage in some binge drinking…. oh yeah, and to make a series of poor decisions that would leave my soul and dignity in ruins. So fast forward about 6 months later to the moment and which I realized that the forfeiting of my dignity and the broken blood vessels throughout my upper lip were not the only battle wounds I had incurred on that fateful night, and in fact the severe and uterus riveting pains I had been experiencing were not related to changing my birth control or any sort of natural ‘lady issues.’ After some google searches, a pregnancy test, and several false diagnoses from people who really had no basis of knowledge, I went to see the pussy, MD.

    There is really no point in sharing the gross details of my appointment, and will leave you with the same words that my beloved doctor left me with. “Listen, you’re not pregnant, you don’t have fibroids, and I seriously doubt you have cancer. You sustained some serious pelvic strain due to immensely rough activities, and the continued aggravation through similar activities has only made it worse. Please, take it easy for a while. Oh, and happy holidays.”

    I survived a broken vagina.

    It’s a very tragic condition that leads to weeks/months of celibacy and according to one of my boyfriends, an eternal fear of the real big guys.

    I just needed to tell my story in the hopes that it would raise awareness, and spare the carnal fortresses of many.

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