Dr. T and the Women

You know when you’re watching mindless TV and that old gem of a movie pops up on the guide. You think, “Man, I love that movie, I haven’t seen it in YEARS! Today is a GREAT day!”

Admittedly, there are probably hundreds of movies that could come on for which I would have that very reaction, but today was especially good.

Dr. T and the Women


This movie has a little bit of a lot of things I love in movies.

Parody of upper class, southern  people.

Hot lady on lady action.

Boob shots.

Romance. Comedy.

A happy ending!

Dr. T, played by Richard Gere, is THE gyno for the upper crust of Dallas. His wife, Farrah Fawcet, has gone crazy and retreated into a childlike state. The movie opens with her getting naked in the fountain at the mall… not a bad way to start. Dr. T has three daughters. The eldest, Laura Dern, is shaping up to be everything a good Dallas wife should be. The middle daughter, Kate Hudson, is doing the same…or so everyone thinks. She is scheduled to be married but is secretly in love with and and in a relationship with her maid of honor, Liv Tyler. The youngest daughter, Tara Reid, is the rebellious one, making her own way in the world giving historic tours of the location of the Kennedy assassination.  Meanwhile, Dr. T is falling for Helen Hunt, the new golf pro at his country club. A whirlwind plot brings everyone to the wedding but a raging storm and tornado halt the action and take everyone to exactly where they need to be. And to top it all off the movie ends with a birth scene that rivals Knocked Up for graphic content.

I completely recommend this movie. It’s light, fun, and perfect for a Wednesday afternoon. However, don’t sit down expecting a film, this is definitely just a movie.


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