The Cougar!


This might be too good to be true.

Meet Stacey:

Meet “The Cougar”: Stacey, a beautiful, blonde mother of four from Arizona. As the star of TV Land PRIME’s new reality competition dating series, Stacey — who’s a successful and determined real estate agent — is eager to shatter dating stereotypes. She believes society has placed a double standard on women who date younger men and wants to prove that age is simply a number.




Stacey gets to pick from these fine lookin cubs!

This show might turn into my new guilty pleasure. I love just about everything it has to offer. The elimination process might be my favorite though. The set up is just like all the other similar dating shows, the Bachelor, Shot at Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, etc., but with some fun filled cougar twists.

Here’s the scene:

The ‘cubs’ all line up dressed in their finest and Vivica A. Fox, the host, walks in and says, “gentlemen, here’s the cougar.” Stacey walks in and the fun begins. On other dating shows the star has something to offer the prospective soul mates, a key, a backstage pass, a rose, but not the cougar. She is on the prowl and doesn’t have time for such none sense. When the cougar calls the name of a hopeful little pup he walks up and she asks the man-child to kiss her. “Jon, kiss me.” Stacey either lets him lay one on her lips, meaning the eager prey has made it to the next round, or she gives the kid her cheek, meaning he is roadkill. This guarantees that the final 5 minutes of the show will always be action packed.

If nothing else, check out the website, paying special attention to the “cub cam.”

There is also a celebrity cougar trivia game, mildly entertaining.


                     Who’s your favorite cougar?


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